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DOLLARS Grade Price(US$) Comments Add to Cart
1864 Seated Dollar NGC VG 8 520 Tough Coin! Nice even patina; a few small stray ticks here and there typical for this Civil War Veteran. Great Type coin.
1878 Morgan Dollar XF/AU 45 8 Tail Feathers, Possibly VAM 18
1878 Morgan Dollar XF 45 45  
1878 S Morgan Dollar NGC MS 63 94 Coin has great proof-like surfaces - beautiful coin. Gorgeous gold and copper toning on the obverse and the reverse has great rainbow crescent toning- classic for the issue. Can not understand why this coin did not grade MS 64PL*
1878 S Morgan Dollar AU 53 41  
1879 Morgan Dollar UNC 48 Looks like the coins we had graded that came back from NGC as MS 61. This coin is not slabbed. There are bag marks on the obverse but the reverse has some subtle but very pretty pastel natural toning, blues and purples.
1879 CC Morgan Dollar Good 110  
1879-O Morgan Dollar AU 53 36 some light obverse marks
1879-S Morgan Dollar NCG MS 62 PL 71 NCG Certified Mint State 62, Proof Like. Great coin, really nice look.
1879-S Morgan Dollar NCG MS 64 121 NCG Certified Mint State 64 Another with great surfaces, not sure why this one was not graded proof-like. Fab look. SOLD
1880 Morgan Dollar VG 33  
1880-CC Morgan Dollar VG 139 Nice original surfaces; 24.75 grams
1880-O Morgan Dollar NGC MS 61 85  
1880-O Morgan Dollar AU 37 NGC AU Details, Strong AU details 55/58, but dipped and/or cleaned
1880-S Morgan Dollar Net AU 37 Strong UNC details but whizzed. Not sure why they tried to 'improve' this one since the details were all there.
1881-O Morgan Dollar UNC 49 We grade MS 61 or 62. Small spot on reverse.
1882 Morgan Dollar NGC MS 64 91 NCG Certified MS 64, great coin!
1882 Morgan Dollar Net AU 33 UNC details, excessively dipped
1882 S Morgan Dollar UNC 55 We grade MS 62
1883 Morgan Dollar AU 58 38 We grade AU 58. Some light wear and a couple hits on the cheek and in fields prevent a higher technical grade but still a really nice coin.
1883 O Morgan Dollar AU58 37 Great coin!
1883 S Morgan Dollar XF45 54 High end XF, great luster, just a few too many hits to make AU. Nice coin and still affordable!
1884 CC Morgan Dollar MS UNC 205 We grade MS 64. VAM -4B, Spiked Date
1884 O Morgan Dollar MS UNC 50 We grade MS 61, bit of a mushy strike.
1884 S Morgan Dollar Extra Fine 58 Much harder to find in higher grades
1885 Morgan Dollar Brilliant Unc 41 We grade MS 63/64
1885 Morgan Dollar MS 61 38  
1885 O Morgan Dollar AU 58 38 Great toning, pretty coin
1885 S Morgan Dollar Extra Fine 44 Great details, has likely been lightly cleaned
1885 S Morgan Dollar NGC AU 53 110  
1886 Morgan Dollar AU 55 37 likely dipped, still great details and nice look
1886 O Morgan Dollar Fine 34  
1886 O Morgan Dollar AU 53 78 Nice looking Morgan.
1886 S Morgan Dollar Very Good 58  
1887 Morgan Dollar AU 35 Weaker strike but nice AU 55/8. Some wonderful and unique deep color toning on the obverse (teals, blue, lime and other greens) and sulfur toning from paper patter on the reverse. 26.73 grams.  Neat coin.
1887 O Morgan Dollar AU 40 Typical weak strike but nice AU. If you like dipping coins, this is a prime candidate.
1887 S Morgan Dollar AU 55 We grade AU 53/55.  26.78 grams
1888  Morgan Dollar AU 34 Pretty russet, gold and copper highlight toning on obverse. We grade AU 53.  26.76 grams
1888 O Morgan Dollar AU details 37 Strong details. Vey light scratch and possibly acetone residue
1888 S Morgan Dollar AU 53 220 nice
1889 Morgan Dollar AU details 37 light scratch and probably dipped
1889-O Morgan Dollar VG/Fine 35 small spot of PVC residue
1889-O Morgan Dollar XF 43  
1899-O Morgan Dollar AU 50 41 Cheek a bit marked up but nice fields on both sides; good looking luster.
1890 Morgan Dollar MS 62 53  
1890 Morgan Dollar NGC MS 63 65  
1890 Morgan Dollar AU55 50 really nice coin, great surfaces
1890 CC Morgan Dollar Fine 110  
1890 O Morgan Dollar Good 32  
1890 S Morgan Dollar AU 53/55 38  
1890-S Morgan Dollar NGC AU53 43 NGC Certified AU53. This coin is a VAM 1C III21 [C3a (Die Breaks on MERIC) (181) I-2 R-6] but was not certified by NGC as such because it is not on the 'hotlist'.
1891 Morgan Dollar AU58 42 Great Coin!
1891 Morgan Dollar AU55 37  


1891-O Morgan Dollar Good 32  
1891-O Morgan Dollar AU50 38  
1891 S Morgan Dollar AU53 45 Nice sublime gold and copper colored highlights. 26.73 grams.
1892 Morgan Dollar AU53 70  
1892-O Morgan Dollar Extra Fine 44 mid grade example, still some luster left
1892-S Morgan Dollar Good  35 tougher date
1892-S Morgan Dollar Very Good/Fine 40  
1894 O Morgan Dollar F15/VF20 51  
1895 O Morgan Dollar Good 215 Tough Coin!
1896 Morgan Dollar AU 55 35  
1896 O Morgan Dollar XF details 37 Nice details, cleaned; net grade VF
1896-S Morgan Dollar Very Fine 30 61 tougher date
1897 Morgan Dollar AU 50 35  
1897 Morgan Dollar MS 62+ 37  
1897 O Morgan Dollar Fine 37  
1897 S Morgan Dollar AU55 51  
1898 Morgan Dollar MS 61 37  
1898 O Morgan Dollar MS 61 51 A fair number of small hits to the cheek but the fields are actually pretty nice. 
1898 S Morgan Dollar VG 37  
1899 S Morgan Dollar VF 39 26.4 grams
1900 Morgan Dollar AU 53 32  
1900-S Morgan Dollar VF 20 42  
1902 Morgan Dollar AU 53 39  
1902-0 Morgan Dollar AU58 39  
1902-0 (micro) Morgan Dollar Fine 20 Private Mint Restrike - 20th Century (micro-o)
1904 Morgan Dollar NGC AU 55 57 Great AU coin
1904-O Morgan Dollar AU 50 46 Neat toning, pretty coin.
1904-O Morgan Dollar Uncirculated 37  
1921-S Morgan Dollar Extra Fine 33  
1921 Peace Dollar Very Fine + 99 Nice strike and surfaces.
1921 Peace Dollar Very Fine 91  
1922 Peace Dollar AU 34  
1922 Peace Dollar UNC 37 We grade MS 61/2
1922 Peace Dollar AU/Unc 37 Great Dollar. Hard to tell if this is really high end AU 58 or MS 61/2 due to the strike.  Nice toning - rare for a Peace Dollar.
1922 Peace Dollar AU 50 24  
1922 Peace Dollar AU58 34 High end AU coin, really pretty
1922 S Peace Dollar VF details 24 Damaged: Many rim dings along edges and nicks on reverse
1922 S Peace Dollar VF 33  
1923 Peace Dollar AU 30 Great Specimen
1923 Peace Dollar Au/Unc 31 Great Dollar. A few bag marks on the cheek but mostly quite nice.  Very similar toning to the 1922 Dollar listed here.
1923 D Peace Dollar F 24  
1923 S Peace Dollar VF 33  
1923 S Peace Dollar XF 34 Nice golden toning on both sides, Reverse even has crimson and greens showing. Neat coin.
1924 Peace Dollar XF 33 Nice even grey patina
1924 Peace Dollar AU/Unc 37 Great Dollar. Hard to tell if this is really high end AU 58 or MS 62/3.  Pretty toning too, rare for a Peace Dollar - from the same set as the 1922 Dollar, with the same type of toning. Also, interesting die break through the T in TRUST.
1924 Peace Dollar Choice BU 55 Really pretty coin. We would grade MS 63 or 64. Typical strike. Nice golden toning developed over pretty white surfaces. Only a couple ticks on the obverse and a tiny nick and bag mark on the reverse prevent GEM status.
1924 S Peace Dollar Good 22  
1924 S Peace Dollar VF/XF 32  
1925 Peace Dollar UNC 38 We grade MS 61/2
1925 Peace Dollar VF  26  
1925-S Peace Dollar XF 40 35  
1926 Peace Dollar XF 29 Nice coin, tougher date
1926 Peace Dollar AU 55/58 41  
1926 Peace Dollar Uncirculated 58 Great coin, hard to find problem-free UNC.
1926-S Peace Dollar AU 55 26  
1927 Peace Dollar XF 31  
1928 Peace Dollar AU 55 235 THE KEY. We grade AU 55
1928 S Peace Dollar VF 40  
1934 Peace Dollar Extra Fine 42 XF 40
1934 D Peace Dollar AU 43 great coin
1934 S Peace Dollar Fine 45 some tarnish
1934 S Peace Dollar Extra Fine 125 Semi-Key
1935 Peace Dollar Fine 29 Small stain on reverse. Light subdued yet nice toning on this one.
1935-S Peace Dollar Very Fine 40  
1935-S Peace Dollar AU 53 49  
1971 Uncirculated Eisenhower Dollar Gem UNC 7 We grade MS 63
1971S Proof Eisenhower Dollar  PR 4 Great strike. Original Mint Plastic Package and Brown Box. 40% Silver
1971 S Uncirculated Eisenhower Dollar UNC 12 In original "Blue Ike' mint packaging. 40% Silver
 1972-D BU Eisenhower Dollar  B.U. 3  
1972-S UNC Eisenhower Silver Dollar UNC 11 Original 'Blue Ike' mint packaging. 40% Silver
1973-S Clad Proof Eisenhower Dollar PR 4  
1973-S UNC Silver Eisenhower Dollar UNC 12 Original "Blue Ike' mint packaging. 40% Silver
1974-S Clad Proof Eisenhower Dollar PR 4  

1974 S UNC Eisenhower Silver Dollar



Original 'Blue Ike' mint packaging. 40% Silver

1976-S 40% Silver Proof Eisenhower Dollar PR 18  
1976-S Clad Proof Eisenhower Dollar PR 4  
1977-S Clad Proof Eisenhower Dollar PR 4  
1978-S Clad Proof Eisenhower Dollar PR 3  


1979 Uncirculated S.B.A Dollar Gem UNC 8 Near Date Variety

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